Custom Publishing

Coachbuilt Press applies its unique, award winning style and expertise to the creation of special custom publications.

Leading museums engage Coachbuilt Press to produce books that showcase their automotive exhibitions, and noted automobile collectors commission Coachbuilt Press to memorialize their treasures through specially designed volumes that create exactly the right presentation.

Drawing upon our expert writers, illustrators and photographers, Coachbuilt Press will produce a unique automotive edition to meet your individual needs and design preferences. Please contact us for a private consultation.

Four Color Books

Printed in quantity on an offset printing press, four-color books are intended to distribute to a larger audience. The minimum is 500 books, with an unlimited maximum number, that will require the professional experience of Coachbuilt Press in the following areas:

  • Content: Words & Visuals

    The core of any project is the narrative and images that compellingly present the thoughts of the participants. We have been honored at Coachbuilt Press to work with some of the finest authors, historians, editors and photographers working today. Those writing include Fred Simeone, Donald Osborne, Miles Collier, Jonathan A. Stein, Ken Gross, Tracy Powell, Michael Lamm, as well as experts in their given specialties such as Richard Adatto (French cars), Julius Kruta (Bugatti), Randy Leffingwell (Porsche) and Jerry Burton (Corvette).

    The visual elements of our titles are given to researched documents, illustrations, advertising materials and in-period photographs, along with modern studio portraits by leading automotive photographer Michael Furman.

    All of our contributors bring decades of experience working with the finest journals presenting the most significant cars and collections in the world.

  • Manufacturing: Design & Printing

    The finest content needs the finest presentation, and Coachbuilt Press' creative staff brings its extensive talents to bear on each book project.

    Simplicity and direct communication are the hallmarks of a Coachbuilt Press title. There are no frills or unnecessary elements to distract from the intended purpose of properly communicating the book's premise. Every element is scrutinized for its contribution, and each aspect given its opportunity to enhance the final presentation.

    All of the preceding elements would go unrewarded if the finest printer was not bringing the project to life on the finest papers available. We print exclusively in the United States with Brilliant Graphics, a dedicated team of creative printing professionals. The printing standard of "pleasing color" is not the standard that Brilliant Graphics adheres to - their standards of color accuracy and perfect clarity are significantly higher and more difficult to attain. Brilliant Graphics achieves this level every time - its the only way they know.

  • Distribution: Wholesale & Retail

    Your book contains an important message, one that you would like to impart to as many people as possible. Coachbuilt Press will help you reach your audience with its experience in distributing its titles around the world. This effort may include marketing support, ad placement and securing third-party reviews.

    We can assist in internet sales (Amazon or your own site), international retail sales and fulfillment, and wholesale distribution in the United States and overseas.

Handmade Books

In addition to traditional book formats, Coachbuilt Press excels in the design and production of custom portfolios and limited quantity hand-made editions. These may include genuine leather covers, hand stamping and binding as well as specially designed slipcases. We are also expert at producing individual custom prints, mounted and framed for specific and exacting placement in home or office.