The Face of Change

Portraits of Automotive Evolution

Portraits of Automotive Evolution by award-wining author John Nikas provides a compelling examination of the cultural, economic, political, social and technological factors that have affected the course of the automobile’s development over history. From the Benz Patent-Motorwagen in 1886 to the Tesla Model S of the 21st Century, an all-star cast of contributors, including designer/historian Robert Cumberford, Petersen Museum chief historian Leslie Kendall and Stewart Reed and faculty members from the world-renowned ArtCenter College of Design, weave an informative and entertaining narrative reviewing the automobile’s evolutionary path and predicting where that road might lead in the future.

A must for every automotive enthusiast, this book combines fascinating essays, detailed analysis, rare period images and beautiful studio portraiture from photographer Michael Furman to create a memorable experience for the reader that is sure to become a treasured volume to be referred to time and again.

Hardbound, cloth cover with dust jacket
304 pages. 417 color and black and white photographs.
ISBN # 978-1-7325017-1-3